This Bionemis

This Bionemis - Zeppelin

Graf Bionemis, so heißt das Motiv für diesen Zeppelin der musikalischen Luftfahrt von This Bionemis. Elektronische Klänge der Gegenwart, aber auch hörbar mit der nostalgischen Retro Ästhetik, die vielleicht an die Zeit der westdeutschen Krautrockpioniere erinnert.

This Bionemis - Run (Berlin Techno version)

Dark Side Of The Sirius by This Bionemis is the name of the new album. Listen to electronic music enhanced through synth vocals. Melodic phrases and carefully choiced beats form that soft kind of techno music. Additionally you can hear a special dubstep version of the song called Leben.

This Bionemis - Antenna Air

Antenna Air ist der Name dieses etherischen Musikstückes. Atmosphärisch verdichtete Klangwolken schweben scheinbar schwererlos über dem Erdboden. Höre selbst, wie dieser Song klingt! Auch als Musik-Download erhältlich in voller Audio Qualität und Stereo.

  1. This Bionemis - Dark Side of the Sirius IBEATLE DANCE 00:13:11 DEAR41856716

  2. This Bionemis - Run (Berlin Version) IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:55 DEAR41872033

  3. This Bionemis - Nuclear Car IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:00 DEAR41867114

  4. This Bionemis - Led IBEATLE DANCE 00:04:31 DEAR41841897

  5. This Bionemis -Leben IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:38 DEAR41815029


This Bionemis - Zeppelin





This Bionemis - Antenna Air





This Bionemis - Heißluftballon





This Bionemis - Luftschiff Aero





This Bionemis - Luftschiff Graf Bionemis




Album Notes: The aviation lounge by This Bionemis

Musicalbum by This Bionemis in 2017: Do you need a rocking toy block for your musical talented children? Then the audio cycle called: "Aviation Lounge" might sound alright to you.....

Well, aviation lounge is inimitably, because of its flowery expression, made by This Bionemis. However, electronic music. but more of this there are a lot of different compostions combined to a sonic story about flying This 2017 newly restauration of the 2007 release goes further. This now, is the ultimative aviation lounge album. So it rocks, sings, is dancing sometimes. Then meditative relaxing, dubstepping, krautrocking, And overall a kind of Synthtronik music, a part of the current electronical scene. With little lyrics, small vocals, but also poetical. Nature is a returning theme that touches the spirit of the music by Bionemis. Of course, synthesizer sounds, that could be described with a sentence: "and your whale wants to sing with high voltage energy and the voice of a human. But an electronic brain immediately melting to the sound, so bring the icebox to cool". But, "flying with the jet stream", maybe the major musical theme on that album is an electroswing composition. This work is tending to introduce a real jazzy lounging sound. But you can hear even other genre influences on that aviation lounge. Items by progressive rock, house music, and ambient or elektro. This is much music for a little cycle and debut album.

Is it true with This Bionemis

Or is it true that this BIONEMIS music project is the newest (officially founded in 2015 as a replacement for "Bionemis") bite of a happy crawler generation, searching for enlightenment? What the aviation lounge also makes different is the use of original aviation noises. Rotor machines bubling, aircraft landing noises, attendant announcements, airwaves. This resulting either in a psy-meditative or space rock atmosphere. Maybe yust Krautrock, because of the composer´s (Volker Wolfgang, v7w, germany) surrounding.Yust Music, electrifying your chilling panther?...The audience says yes, but Bionemis is right now and contemporary the amazing solo project of sound evolving, true musically, and crazy bambi head; Volker Wolfgang. A high performer and thinker living at NRW. V7w, composer, producer and singer-songwriter. Born in cologne, Germany, founded this projekt in 1/ 2015, first aviation release in 10/2017)

The dream of flying musically inspired by This Bionemis

That are the basics of This BIONEMIS but now what is aboust you my flying little friend? Are you ready to waste your abundance and get the aviation album which is worth to buy? Oh no, i know i have a better idea for you sophisticated ones. You prefer spending money for new toy blocks. Ok, but this brick is the one for the top of your house. Let´say, spend cents for a new hemisphere song, then your career follows the stars. Purchase the whole album and you´re there, in heaven 7. After all the trend setter of the world.Then listen and wonder, choose this audio carousel here. I could have done better, but i would love to entertain you with surprising mysterious but even romantic tunes. And then? you´ve got a music album, called the aviation lounge, Inspired, you decide to better run to your friends and tell them at once: "i can fly!"

Yes, but at least i am dreaming of a ticket box to book a fly with This Bionemis.

Information: Aviation lounge (2017) by This Bionemis is a musical edit to the former known music album by Bionemis called: The aviation lounge (2007). Its spirit has something of an anniversary edition.